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Locks of Love

I started getting really excited about going to Paris after reading this article on CNN.com. The author had been to Paris before, so used this trip to wander around the city sans the visits to the major monuments and museums that populate the agendas of most tourists. Since I’d also been to Paris before, I thought it was a perfect approach, and, to be honest, I’m kind of on sight seeing overload right now.

Anyway, the article started with a photo of a bridge that was filled with locks inscribed with messages of love. I loved the image and the idea. It seems so wonderfully hopeful and unjaded, in a way that you really don’t imagine for the typical Parisian. Maybe the romantics buying and inscribing the locks are mostly tourists?

Whatever the case, it was so fun to see. The article mentions one bridge in particular – Pont des Arts – but I saw them on several pedestrian bridges.

It reminded me a bit of the end of Love Actually (it’s Christmas time and I’m a girl, so I’m allowed to bring up that movie, ok?) where there are a thousand different scenes of people lovingly greeting each other in the airport, and finally, they reference the title of the movie when the voiceover says that “love, actually is all around us.”

Clearly, I always cry at that part. But to be honest, I hardly ever see anything in real life that makes me feel that way.

Aside from these locks. So that, in (not-so) brief, is why I absolutely loved seeing them.

PS – my internet is back on!


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