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Where I’ve Been


Well hello again, old friends. Happy new year!

As you may have noticed, I took somewhat of an extended break from the blogosphere. There’s no dramatic reason behind it. It’s just that not being in any one place since the beginning of December has made it a bit tough to sit down and write.

But now that our travels are over for the time being, it seems like it’s about time to get settled back into this little corner of the internet. So, along with unpacking my bags (finally), and jumping back into NOLA life (Mardi Gras is 28 days away, can you believe it?), I’ll be sharing some of what’s happened over the past couple of months.

Looking forward to it!


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Good day, internets

Hello. I know that the internet already has zillions of blogs on it, and I’m a little late to the party, but I’m joining it anyway.  It’s going to be wild.

As a recent transplant from New York to New Orleans, and now from New Orleans to Rome, I’ll be writing about all of those things, plus some other things I like.  FYI: things I like are (in no particular order): reading, cooking, mysteries, dining out and the internet. Oh – and I love salt – hence the name of this blog.

See you around!

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